Sunday, January 30, 2011

How To - Cleaning your Make-Up Brushes the Inexpensive Way

Aloha beautiful ladies,
Hope you all are doing fabulous and I wish you all the best of health. How are the winters treating you all? Anyway, so today my blog is about how to clean your make-up brushes the inexpensive way; so lets get started.

Cleaning make-up brushes needs a lot of care and the kindness of your hands. If you want to get the flawless look that you get with them, its necessary for you to spare sometime on their maintenance. So there are two very simple ways of cleaning your makeup brushes without using any makeup brush cleanser.

The Facial Wipe Cleaning Method:

The first and the most easiest way to clean your makeup brushes is by using your very own cleansing facial wipe. Sweep your dirty brush in a to and fro motion on the wipe gently to get rid of the entire product on your brush. Remember to be gentle and keep your hand soft while sweeping your brush or else you’ll end up ruining your brush (and by that I mean the brush bristles). You can also go about in circular motions if you want to. Once the cleaning is done, let them dry overnight.

Deep Cleansing your brushes:

It is also necessary to deep cleanse your makeup brushes for its longer life with soft smooth bristles. Once every week, deep cleanse your brushes by using a mild shampoo (baby shampoo would be ideal) or if you get your hands on one of those brush shampoos, then voila!

The Method:

-         Apply some shampoo on your palm and sweep your brush to and fro through it under running water for 20-30 seconds or until your brush bristles are clean (depending on how dirty your brush is)
-         Once the brush is thoroughly clean, shape them up gently (this would also squeeze the excess water out) and let it dry overnight on a clean napkin or small towel.

This process does not only clean your brushes thoroughly but also makes them look newer and full of great smell.

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Till then, stay pretty =) 

Monday, January 24, 2011

My Facial Care/Skin Routine

Hey beauties,
Hope you all are doing well enough to enjoy winters these days. Today am going to blog about my facial care routine as I think we all care for your face more than anything else related to our body. Now before I start blogging about what products I use and kind of give you a mini review of them, I would like to tell you pretty ladies that I have actually switched to these products. I used PONDS products previously and they suited my skin amazingly and I complete ran out of my skin care products and since I am in London for the past 7 months, I havnt been able to find their products here which was quite disappointing. Nevertheless, I decided to switch my brand and go for something that, well, is somewhat known and reliable. So I went to Superdrug (which is a known drugstore here) and I got myself these products that I have been using since the past one month.

  • -          L’Oreal Paris Perfect Clean Foaming Facial Wash – Refreshing for Normal / Combination skin
  • -          L’Oreal Paris Perfect Clean Foaming Gentle Scrub – Exfoliating –  for All skin types
  • -          L’Oreal Paris Dermo-Expertise – Hydrafresh – Ultra Hydrating cream
  • -          L’Oreal Paris Dermo-Expertise Triple Active Re-Nourishing Velvety Toner – for  Dry & Sensitive Skin
  • -          L’Oreal Paris Dermo-Expertise Triple Active Re-Nourishing Cleansing Milk – for Dry & Sensitive skin

Now, I really didn’t plan to get all of these but since Superdrug had amazing deal offers, I decided to get all of them.  The deal was GET TWO FOR £5, which was incredible as L’Oreal’s Facial and Scrub, if bought individually, would have cost me around £8 (£4 each), so I decided to go with the deal and took the advantage of getting the facial wash, scrub, toner and cleanser for £10 and the Hydrafresh cost me £6 as it was not on any deal =(. Anyway, I have been using these products for the past one month now and I must say I am impressed. Though I don’t use the toner and the cleansing milk that often as I really don’t need it, but the rest have been an absolute delight to me.

L’Oreal Paris Perfect Clean Foaming Facial Wash – Refreshing for Normal / Combination skin

This Facial Wash comes in a very cute blue coloured container with a little scrublet attached to it, which I find really nice and cute. It has a mild fragrance and is suitable for normal/combination skin. 

It not only makes your skin feel clean and nourished, but also refreshes it. I don’t use the scrublet that is attached to it all the time as I tend to massage my face and neck with my fingers, which gives me more control over the areas which I think needs a little more attention.

L’Oreal Paris Perfect Clean Foaming Gentle Scrub – Exfoliating –  for All skin types

One of the best facial products I have ever used so far is this scrub. I used to have  St. Ives Apricot Scrub some years ago and I envied and loved it but since I found it somewhat harsh on my skin, I discontinued using it (I have sensitive skin). For those who have the same problem as I have/had with St. Ives Apricot Scrub, this is your alternative. This exfoliating gentle scrub contains Apricot seed powder which gently exfoliates your skin without being too harsh on it. It has an amazing apricot like smell which I simply love, cleanses your skin nicely leaving no dead skin. This comes in the very same shaped container as that of the facial wash with a scrublet as well which I think is definitely needed for this products. By using the scrublet, you dont end up hurting your skin. I don’t use it everyday as I don’t think its necessary but using it once or twice a week  would give a you a healthier looking skin for sure.

L’Oreal Paris Dermo-Expertise – Hydrafresh – Ultra Hydrating cream

I was looking for a good day cream that does not only moisturizes my skin but also hydrates it and it is then I came across Hydrafresh. This comes in a very cute container with cream-gel inside it, having mild but really refreshing fragrance. It not only hydrates your skin but also keeps it moisturised. I use it once a day, after I have washed my face applying it to my face and neck and gently massaging it until it dissolves into my skin. The best thing about this cream that it is absolutely non greasy.

L’Oreal Paris Dermo-Expertise Triple Active Re-Nourishing Velvety Toner – for  Dry & Sensitive Skin

Using toner is a necessary for keeping your skin free of impurities and this toner gently eliminates impurities and removes the last traces of makeup.  The formula is enriched with Oligo-Proteins which not only soothes the skin, but also nourishes it.  It has a silky texture which leaves the skin velvety soft and has a mild fragrance to it. How to use it? Well apply a small amount of it on a cotton wool and gently massage it into your skin without rinsing. It definitely gives my skin the radiance that I want, leaving it smooth and soft.

L’Oreal Paris Dermo-Expertise Triple Active Re-Nourishing Cleansing Milk – for Dry & Sensitive skin

I must say, am not fond of cleansers but I consider them to be an essential part of your facial care routine and I think we all must have a bottle of cleanser in our vanity or on our dressing table. What cleansers do is not only removes makeup, but also the dirt and impurities that are patched to it. This cleansing milk is enriched with Omega-Ceramides  which tends to immediately nourish and and soothe skin for a sensation of softness and comfort.  You apply it all over your face and then gently wipe it off with a cotton pad or wool. I must say, I havnt used this product as often I should have but whenever I have used it, it gave me a nice refreshing, nourished and soft skin.

Now as I mentioned earlier, I have sensitive skin and I hate to do experiments on my face as I hate breakouts, these products have been an absolute pleasure for me as they havnt given me any problems as yet. Though they are a bit pricey but when it comes to skin, one shouldnt compromise as the price shouldnt matter. Although I miss my PONDS facial range, but these have definitely worked for me and hope they would do the same for you. Hope you liked my review/blog and if you do or didn’t, don’t forget to comment below.
Till then, stay pretty and have an amazing week. =D

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Clash of the Foundations - Video Blog - Review of L'Oreal, Rimmel and Revlon foundations.

Hey Everyone !!!
I know its been a while since I posted something on my blog, that was because I was not well. But now I am feeling better so wanted to give you all lovelies something new and different. This is basically a Video Blog,
My first ever Video Blog reviewing foundations that I have ... 
The products reviewed are :
 - L'Oreal's Matte Cashmere Foundation in Rose Sand
 - L'Oreal's True Matte Foundation in Sand
 - L'Oreal's Matte Morphose in Creamy Natural (Natural Beige)
 - Rimmel's Cool Matte foundation in Classic Beige
 - Revlon Custom Creation Foundation in Medium
hope you liked my review and dont forget to comment below and invite your lovely friends who are beauty addicts just like us. 

Monday, January 3, 2011

Home Beauty - CSN Stores

As it is said, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder and having a beautiful place to live in is an amazing feeling. I personally think that one makes his/her own home beautiful through their own way and style. Let it be getting an awe-inspiring furniture or just something very plain and simple that adds a little hint of beauty to it, making it feel and look amazing. Recently, I was contacted by a representative of CSN stores, asking me I would like to do a review for them and I was more than excited to do so. Now 

CSN Stores has amazing online stores where you can find everything from great reliable cookware, amazingly beautiful bedroom furniture to chic lighting pieces!

I must confess, they have a wide variety of products for your home, giving it a refreshing new look. Do try them out and experience the difference.

Happy beautifying your home ! =D