Thursday, April 7, 2011

My Spring Lips - Revlon Super Lustrous Lipsticks - Review

Howdy ladies,

As you all know I am quite excited that my favourite season *Spring* is here and since its my first spring in the UK, I have planned to make the full out of it. Since this spring is all about Corals, Peaches, Nudes and Pinks; I decided to get myself some lipsticks that would harmonize the season as well as my complexion.

I really wanted to get my hands on a good wearable Coral & Mauvy-pink lipstick for myself, as I did hear a lot of the beauty gurus rave about these two colours being on the top list of the Spring Lips 2011. To my surprise, I got myself two really ravishing lipsticks from Revlon which I think is simply perfect for the spring time. I got mine from an online store by the name of Cosmetic Kingdom and they have some really nice stuff, plus they offer free shipping in the UK on all orders above £5, which I thought was a bargain!

Now, the two Lipsticks that I got is from Revlon’s Super Lustrous Collection and they are:

-          Mad About Mauve (Crème)
-          Cinnamon Bronze (Pearl)

Revlon claims that their Super Lustrous Lipsticks are infused with mega-moisturizers to seal in color and softness. They have a silky-smooth, creamy texture that stays true to colour & wears evenly.

Now I tried finding these two lip-shades (online) amongst the fabulous 72 shade chart they have and was taken a bit back when I couldn’t find them. Then I got to know that they have actually changed the names while the shades are still the same.

The packaging of the lipsticks, which is made of good quality plastic, is quite nice. The lid of the cinnamon bronze has a transparent plastic top which makes it easier to spot the colour which I think is quite wise.

Mad About Mauve is a very moisturizing pinky-mauve coloured lipstick which glides easily on your lips.

It gives your lips a punch of vibrant springish colour and would complement almost every skin tone.

Cinnamon Bronze is actually a very nice coral coloured lipstick that too is moisturizing and glides on easily, giving your lips a pearly look. 

When you see the lipstick, you will notice that it has a hint of glitter/shimmer to it which surprisingly, doesn’t show up on the lips at all.

Here are the swatches of the lipsticks and how they look when applied on the lips:

Overall, I am in love with these lipsticks as I think they are just made for me to be worn in this lovely season. Now I have never worn a coral coloured lipstick as I think it would not suit my complexion (I am pretty pale btw) but when I wore it for the first time, it looked really nice on me and complemented my skin tone.

These lipsticks are retailed from £6 - £7, but I got mine for £2.25 which I was amazingly excited about.

I hope you liked my review and I would love to hear from you what coral lipsticks would you be wearing this spring.

Don’t forget to comment as you know I love to read them. Till then, take good care of yourself and stay pretty.




  1. lovely shades..try out the colorburst peach.if u are looking for peaches tooo....its simply gorgeousssss

  2. will surely do .. Thanks for recommending .. :D

  3. The shades are gorgeous :) look great on you.

  4. gorgeous shades...

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    i would love if you follow back

  5. I know this is an old post but I hope you can help. I am looking for Revlon's Cinnamon Bronze and you say when you were looking for a Revlon swatch online you found that the shades are the same but the names have changed? By chance do you know what other name "Cinnamon Bronze", Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick number 362, might be selling under? I live in the United States and I can't find this — or a color like it. Suggestions are welcome! Thank you.

  6. I like the lipstick.