Tuesday, March 29, 2011

LOTD - Spring Inspired Makeup Look

~ Spring is nature's way of saying, "Let's party!" ~
Robin Williams

Aloha girls!

I am back with another Look Of The Day (LOTD) for you lovelies and this time, its a Spring inspired look with cool pinks and purples. Hope you like it and the products used are mentioned at the end of the post. 

Till then, keep it safe and stay pretty.



And here I am .. ^ ^

Products used :

For face:
L'Oreal True Match Foundation in Sand
Revlon ColorStay Compact in Medium

For Eyes:
Benefit Lemonaid Eye Primer
120 - Pro Palette
L'Oreal Superliner in Black

For Cheeks:
No.7 Blush in Coral Flush

For Lips:
Maybelline Lipstick in Bonbon Caramel Toffee Cream

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Nails Of The Day - NOTD - BerryM Nail Lacquer in Shocking Pink

Hey beauties,

So I am back with my first ever NOTD post (super excited) and its the one from my recent haul post that I did. Its a BerryM Nail Polish/Lacquer in Shocking Pink which I think is amazing spring wear. I am literally obsessed with BerryM's Nail Polish collection as they are wonderful to wear with all the pretty colours and they make your hands look beautiful. So, I am surely going to get more of these lovelies soon. Hope you like my post. Till then stay pretty and Happy Spring Time everyone! 




Without flash

With Flash

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Get Intensified - Maybelline Drama Gel Eyeliner - Review

I am an eyeliner freak and today I’ll be reviewing a product that I have gone crazy about and have fallen madly in love with. Its Maybelline’s Lasting Drama Gel Liner in Intense Black. Now before I start reviewing it, I want to tell you that I got this lovely thing from Boots for £5.99 which was its introductory price while the actual price is £8.99.

Here’s what Maybelline has to say about their product:

- Designed to give an intense black line
- The long-lasting gel formula means up to 24 hour hold
- Easy to apply with the brush which is included
- You can create different looks and intensities with this one product

My thoughts:

The Packaging:

The gel liner comes in an elongated cardboard box which holds the glass liner pot along with the brush.
I was quite surprised to see the SIZE of the pot/jar as I thought it was pretty small. The brush/applicator on the other hand amused me as I thought it would be the typical eyeliner brush with a pointed end to it.

The Eyeliner Jar/Pot:

It’s a very cute, rather small frosted glass container with a cap made of aluminium.  However there is no mention of how much of the product the jar holds.

The Applicator/Brush:

The brush/applicator really impressed me as its not the typical eyeliner brush. The bristles are made out of synthetic fibres which is a good thing about it. Easy to use and is compact.

The Gel Liner itself:

It is extremely creamy and easy to work with as it doesn’t dry up quickly. It definitely gives an intense look if you want one and the brush helps to do so.

I loved this product as it not only fulfils all what it says, but as for the price, I think Maybelline should consider keeping it below £8. But it’s a must have if you are an eyeliner freak like me. It gives a matt finish and the application is super easy along with its creamy texture and easy to blend nature. Can be used to create any sort of look you are looking for; winged, thin or think eyeliner or even as a base.

My bare lid before applying the liner
Thin Line applied 
Liner applied thick and winged out
Liner used as a base.

I would definitely recommend this product to everyone and would definitely re-purchase it. The only cons that this liner has are that I found the jar to be a bit too small, but cute and secondly, its available in only two
colours that is; intense black and brown. I hope Maybelline introduces some more colours and increases the volume of the jar. =D

Hope you found my review helpful. Feel free to comment below and spread the word if you have love inside you. (cheesy innit? I know! :P)

Till then, you lovely ladies stay pretty.



Haul Time - Poundland, Boots & Superdrug

Hey Girlies,
Hope you all are doing great! So yesterday I went to do some shopping (=D) as the weather was super amazing and got myself some stuff that I thought of sharing with you lovelies.

So, these are the things that I got myself. Yeah! There are some edibles as well as I thought I might give myself a treat for a change.

So, I am a huge fan of Galaxy Cake Bars, Snickers, Fox's Biscuit range and Juicy Fruit from Wrigley's. I got these all from Poundland. =D

Cute things always get my attention, dont know why. These cute little notebooks clenched me and I HAD to get them as I was looking for a notebook to carry around in my bag. My previous one had almost ended so I got these (pack) and they were for Mother's Day, but got it for myself. One has cupcakes on its cover while the other, as you can see, has polka dots. So cute innit? Got them from Poundland as well.

As I was going through different shelves at Poundland, again, these lovely things caught my attention and I thought to myself, I have to get these. Since its spring time and I thought these would be a great addition to my necklace collection as I dont have anything like these and I found them cute too. So got all the colours they had for a £1 each.

Arent they cute? Okay, so the last item that I got from Poundland was a Vanity-type mirror and I was looking  for one for quite sometime.

Now, I did hear a lot about BerryM Nail Lacquers/Varnishes/Polishes that how good they are and I was so tempted by reading all the good stuff that I decided to get some for myself too. So I went to Superdrug and got myself three of their amazing shades. I also got two shades from MUA and I think their bottles/containers are super cute. 

The BerryM nail paints were for £2.99 each. My fellow blogger PinkShweetsz told me via twitter that BerryM at Boots have a 3 for 2 going on and I was like what?! Really?! But the Boots that I went to didnt have a BerryM counter there so, no biggie. Next time, I'll be more careful. :D :P

The MUA nail paints that I got were for a pound each. And when I saw the SIZE of their bottles, I was amazed at how cute they were. =D

Then I went to Boots and got myself Collection 2000 Sheer Loose Translucent Powder for £2.99 and a Natural Collection Concealer in Medium for £1.99.

So ladies, these are the things that I got. Hope you enjoyed the post. If you want me to review any of the products mentioned, please feel free to ask and comment below. 

till then, stay pretty ... 



Monday, March 21, 2011

My Favourites - 004 - TV Shows

I am a huge couch potato when it comes to watching some TV shows. I more or less follow about 15 shows which include almost every genre; from comedy to drama, from reality to adventure, my taste is all over the place. 

My Favourites for today is entirely upon the TV shows that I look forward to every day since most of them get aired on a different day. Not to forget, I am literally OBSESSED with these shows and I just cant miss them. These shows dont hold a "number" spot on my list as I LOVE watching each of them so lets roll it.

The Mentalist starring Simon Baker (God, he's a hottie with a personality) as a man who helps CBI (California Bureau of Investigation) with his Psychic mind-reading abilities in solving homicide cases, also having a personal mission behind working with the cops.

Next in, Pretty Little Liars. I know most of you girls also follow this show and no I havent read the books but am hooked to this show so badly that I cant tell. Although I have heard that the story now, has been quite different from whats in the books, which I guess is cool since I havent had the chance to read them. Favourite character? Ezra Fitz, who else ... :P Kidding! Dont have a favourite in this show as I think everyone is worth the "Like".
For those who are not "aware" of this series, the story revolves around 4 high school going girls whose clique falls apart after the disappearance of their group head, Alison. One year later, the girls begin receiving messages from a mysterious figure using the name "A" who threatens to expose their secrets — including long-hidden ones they thought only Alison knew.

Grey's Anatomy, love this show. A medical drama television series showcasing the lives of doctors working in a hospital to save people. Initially I wasnt a fan of this show but then became one cause of some of the characters; Doctor Webber, Doctor Bailey and Mark Salon .. =P

Gossip Girl, another book turned TV show (havent read the books .. =D) and loving every bit of it. Wont say much except that this series focuses on the lives of Manhattan's Elite. Love Chuck Bass in it. 

I am not into Law and Lawyers kinda shows but this one has got me hooked because its not basically all Law and Lawyer, Fairly Legal has more to it. The lead, Kate Reed (Sarah Shahi) is a Mediator who sub runs her father's law firm along with her step mom after his death. Nice cast with a handsome man by the name of Justine Patrick who is Kate's ex-husband.

And yes! I am definitely into some reality shows as well. Tyra Bank's Amercia's Next Top Model is one show to look forward to for me as I love fashion. This show is all about different girls in the running towards being America's Top Model and some serious fashion trends. I watch this show cause it gives me an insight of what the fashion world is about. Love it!

Who doesnt like to laugh! I love to have a good laugh, specially while watching this show. How I Met Your Mother is a show that makes me forget my sorrows (how cliche :P). The show is about 5 friends out of which one of them is telling his kids how he met their mother and his life around his 4 other friends. Love Barney Stinson in this particular show, he's EPIC! Love him and his character.

So, thats my top/favourite TV shows at the moment and each and every show is up and running. Some of them are in their 16th season while others have just started. Awesome!!!

Hope you all enjoyed my post. Dont forget that I love you guys and adore your comments. 



Sunday, March 20, 2011

MusicLove - MakeOver - J-Lo's On The Floor

Hey girls,

Have you heard the new Jennifer Lopez song? What?! If you havent then you must because its super! I am totally in love with the song as its the kind of music you would love to dance on. Its good to see her back and I am lovin' it. Apart from the song itself, J-Lo has some amazing LOOK going on in the Video and if you ladies are interested in creating that look, here are the two make up tutorials that I replicate her look. One by Dulce Candy (I adore her) is on the INTENSE side while one that Miss Jessica Harlow (adore her too =D) is a bit SUBTLE. I will be posting the music video as well in care you havent checked it out yet, and you can also RELATE the look both of these lovely Beauty Gurus have created to that of the original look.

I personally think they have done a fabulous job like always. So, hope you enjoy this post of mine and I will definitely catch you lovelies later.

P.S. Jennifer Lopez has 3 different looks in this particular video and the one that these beauty gurus are replicating is the one in the pictures shown below.

Till then stay pretty and keep on loving me .. =D



Some of J-Lo's Screen Shots from the Video

MakeUp Tutorials

Subtle Look by Jessica Harlow

Intense Look by Dulce Candy