Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Rimmel Flash Eyeliner - Review

Recently I did a mini haul post and most of you gorgeous ladies loved the Rimmel Flash Eyeliner which was mentioned in it. So here is a quick review of it and I really hope you'd find this review useful.

As I mentioned earlier in my haul post, I really wanted a pen tipped liquid liner like the one MAC has and when I found out that Rimmel has one to their account, I instantly got that after swatching it and it was a treat for me.

Here is what Rimmel has to say about its Flash Eyeliner

·        Versatile felt tipped pen liquid liner
·        Easier to apply than traditional liquid liners
·        Continuous and controlled flow
·        Fine-tip for precise lines
·        Long-wearing
·        Smudge and transfer resistant

By far, it fulfils all the qualities mentioned by Rimmel which is a great thing. it comes in only black and I really like this product. 

The only thing that I didn’t like about my liner is that its tip doesn’t actually work, i.e. its tip, which is the finest part of the liner, doesn’t give out colour as it should, or should I say, as it did when I swatched the TRY ME at the Rimmel booth. I think my liner has some tip problem but overall its lovely to work with. 

It definitely is easier to apply, smudge free and will definitely give yo a precise fine line as per your requirement. The colour payoff is really nice and if you're wondering where i got mine from, will I got it from a local drugstore for £4.25 (prices do vary as per store) and I think this is a good alternative for MAC’s Prenultimate Eye Liner which is £14.

Hope you found this review interesting. Don’t forget to follow me through both GFF and Twitter [ScarahBurhan], till then, have a lovely day and stay pretty.


  1. I kinda love pen tipped liquid liner , i have tried elf and eyeko ones, i will try rimmel ones next time

  2. Nice review.
    I didn't liked this liner much. I checked it at the store, I think the liquid one by Rimmel is much better than this, as it has thick coat.

  3. thats what they are for, they arent for thick coats ...

  4. Thick as in not the precise line. I am talking about the consistency. Like they give a very light effect.

  5. Really? Mine gives a very good effect ... strange

  6. Yeah! I was excited to see this liner here, I picked and checked it and it gave very light effect. Good if your liner is good :D