Wednesday, February 16, 2011

January Haul - A Mini One

Hey there lovely ladies,
Hope you all are in the perfect on health and I really hope you had an amazing time expressing your love for your loved ones on the Love day. I think, if you love someone, you should express that love every other day rather than making it one day in a year to do that. Don’t you agree?
Anyway, today my post is about a mini haul, stuff that I got from a local drugstore and an online website;  have been using them since. I have used almost everything  except for one, which I am going to review for you shortly. So lets get started 


Here are the things that I got myself

-          Olay Gentle Cleanser – Cleansing Wipe [ £1 ]
-          Impulse Deodorants in Very Pink and Goddess [ £1 each = £2 ]
-          Prestige iQuad (Eyeshadow Quad) in Rewind [ £1 ]
-          Prestige  Beauty Bar ( Eyeshadow Palette) in Second Glance [ £1 ]
-          Rimmel Flash Eyeliner in Black [ £ 4.25 ]
-          Superdrug Eyeshadow Blending Brush [ £ 1.99 ]
-          Superdrug Eyeshadow Brush [ £ 2.28 ]

Okay so lets talk about Olay Gentle Cleansing wipes. Its like the every other facial wipes that I have used. Removes makeup from your skin and cleanses it too. I really like it

I used Impluse couple of years back and I don’t know why I stopped using it. These deodorants ar just amazing, the fragrance is just geat and I am totally in love with them. The best part about these deodorants is that they don’t have a lip/cap. Instead they have this twister, which works well you twist the top of it and then nozzle appears and you spray on your desired area. Isnt it great?

I have heard quite a few good things about Prestige Cosmetics so I wanted to try them on. Recently I found this online website that had a sale going on selected items and all of them were for 99p which is almost like £ 1. As usual I got excited and started looking when I found Prestige Eyeshadow Quads there and quickly purchased them. The first one that I got myself was their iQuad which rhymes and looks likean iPod, in Rewind, containing four natural nude  shades that one would require for a natural look. And the second one, Beauty Bar in Second Glance also have four different shades as shown in the picture. I have used my Prestige iQuad in Rewind and I must say, I really liked it. Would do a separate review on it soon. I haven’t quite used Second Glance, so when I will, I would let you guys know how I found it.

I always wanted a pen-style liquid eye liner and while browsing through some of the cosmetic booths in the drugstore, my eyes met with that of Rimmel’s Flash Eyeliner. Before purchasing I tried it on with their Try Me Out and fell in love with it instantly, later ended up purchasing that too. (khekhekhe). I have been using it now and then and honestly, my love for it has not been growing. Why? For that you’ll have to wait when I do a review on it soon. =D

the top one (2nd picture) is the eyeshadow brush
the last one (3rd picture) is the eyeshadow blending brush

The last two things that I got myself were some eyeshadow brushes of Superdrug itself. They are the normal kind, with synthetic fibres and am in love with the blending brush as it does its job amazingly. I often use it as an eyeshadow brush as well. Clever me!

So girls, this was my mini haul post. Hope you liked it and comment below if you want to ask anything. I will be doing my Favourites post soon followed by a post on my Makeup Collection and some reviews.
Till then, stay pretty and love yourself.

<3 Sarah

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  1. beautiful eyeshadow colors!

    join my Stila giveaway!!!

  2. they indeed are ... Thanks for reading .. =D

  3. great haul :) those quads look lovely.

  4. Awesome haul! I want that eyeliner it looks so black!


  5. wow great haul! that eyeliner looks amazing :)