Sunday, May 8, 2011

Long awaited ..

Hey beauties ...
Hope you all are doing well and keeping up with the lovely weather. I know its been long since I have have posted anything on my blog, its because of the fact that I have been blessed with a lovely baby girl on the 27th of April 2011 and she has been keeping me busy ever since.

Hopefully once I and my baby doll get settled, I will surely get back with you lovelies and would share my motherhood experience with you ...

Till then, take good care of yourself and stay pretty ... 



Friday, April 8, 2011

Beauty UK Eye Quad in Browns/Neutral - Review

Aloha girls,
Yesterday I had an amazing spring-filled day as the weather was lovely throughout with hot sun and cool breeze. It surely did remind me of Karachi’s *end-of-winter* time when in a weather like this, I used to cover myself up with either a shawl or a light cardigan.

Today, I am going to talk about one of the makeup brands that is being raved about since the past couple of months and its none other than BeautyUK. My first impression of this brand was not appealing as I didn’t expect it to be one of the classy drugstore brands which would deliver quality for the price paid, but ever since watching and reading what other beauty bloggers/gurus had to say, I decided to try it out.

Now, whenever I want to try a brand out, I opt to try their eyeshadows which then gives me a fair idea of what the brand is capable of delivering. Same happened with this brand. Although I was given the opportunity to go through its booth at the local drugstores here, but I never grasped it and hence end up buying one of its product online i.e. on ebay.

It was so naïve of me to get a product that has been discontinued by the company itself, which I came to know later but nevertheless, I got what I was looking for.

I got this beautiful looking BeautyUk eye-quad in Browns [neutral tones] for £1.69 including P&P which I thought was a great bargain and couldn’t wait to swatch it and try it out.

The package was delivered to me within 2 days and I was literally amazed at the size of the container/tub it came in. I didn’t expect it to be an approximate size of that of my palm. YES! It is this big of a container/tub and my BodyShop eye trio in Sundown Glow seemed like a newborn infront of it.


This eyeshadow quad comes in a round black plastic tub/container with a transparent lid. The container holds 
about 9.72 g of the product and has the list of all the ingredients at the back of the tub.

The Eyeshadows:

BeautyUk claims that their eyeshadows are as good as any high-end product with fine pigmentation and an wonderful colour pay off. These quads, which has been discontinued and palettes have taken their place now, comes in different shades including that of blues, greens and purples.

The Browns, are specifically designed and created to give you a soft natural eye look to that of the intensifying bronzy eyes.

with flash

My thoughts:

The moment I swatched the lovely shades embedded in the tub, I fell in love with it as the color payoff and the pigmentation was surely something I didn’t expect to be that good, i.e. the shadows are surely pigmented and the colour payoff was just incredible. Moreover, they blended nicely with eachother and the transition it gave was something I definitely didn’t expect.

without flash

It quad comes in 4 shadows; Dark brown with gold undertone to it, a deep but somewhat shimmery copper colour with brown trace, a light camel coloured shadow with light brown undertones and lastly a matte pearly white highlight shade.

I am really impressed by this quad and I think it is just perfect to create natural/neutral eyes with either keeping it simple or intensifying it depending on your needs. Easy to carry and as I like to put it, can effortlessly fit into your makeup bag.

For the price I paid, this product is much more of a worth. Although you cant get these in stores but you can definitely get your hands on this lovely piece online.

Hope you found this review helpful and informative. Please don’t hesitate to comment below as I love to hear what you guys have to say. I have also done a look using this quad which I will be posting soon as a tutorial, so do keep your eyes open. ^_^

Till then, stay pretty and enjoy the lovely spring.



Thursday, April 7, 2011

My Spring Lips - Revlon Super Lustrous Lipsticks - Review

Howdy ladies,

As you all know I am quite excited that my favourite season *Spring* is here and since its my first spring in the UK, I have planned to make the full out of it. Since this spring is all about Corals, Peaches, Nudes and Pinks; I decided to get myself some lipsticks that would harmonize the season as well as my complexion.

I really wanted to get my hands on a good wearable Coral & Mauvy-pink lipstick for myself, as I did hear a lot of the beauty gurus rave about these two colours being on the top list of the Spring Lips 2011. To my surprise, I got myself two really ravishing lipsticks from Revlon which I think is simply perfect for the spring time. I got mine from an online store by the name of Cosmetic Kingdom and they have some really nice stuff, plus they offer free shipping in the UK on all orders above £5, which I thought was a bargain!

Now, the two Lipsticks that I got is from Revlon’s Super Lustrous Collection and they are:

-          Mad About Mauve (Crème)
-          Cinnamon Bronze (Pearl)

Revlon claims that their Super Lustrous Lipsticks are infused with mega-moisturizers to seal in color and softness. They have a silky-smooth, creamy texture that stays true to colour & wears evenly.

Now I tried finding these two lip-shades (online) amongst the fabulous 72 shade chart they have and was taken a bit back when I couldn’t find them. Then I got to know that they have actually changed the names while the shades are still the same.

The packaging of the lipsticks, which is made of good quality plastic, is quite nice. The lid of the cinnamon bronze has a transparent plastic top which makes it easier to spot the colour which I think is quite wise.

Mad About Mauve is a very moisturizing pinky-mauve coloured lipstick which glides easily on your lips.

It gives your lips a punch of vibrant springish colour and would complement almost every skin tone.

Cinnamon Bronze is actually a very nice coral coloured lipstick that too is moisturizing and glides on easily, giving your lips a pearly look. 

When you see the lipstick, you will notice that it has a hint of glitter/shimmer to it which surprisingly, doesn’t show up on the lips at all.

Here are the swatches of the lipsticks and how they look when applied on the lips:

Overall, I am in love with these lipsticks as I think they are just made for me to be worn in this lovely season. Now I have never worn a coral coloured lipstick as I think it would not suit my complexion (I am pretty pale btw) but when I wore it for the first time, it looked really nice on me and complemented my skin tone.

These lipsticks are retailed from £6 - £7, but I got mine for £2.25 which I was amazingly excited about.

I hope you liked my review and I would love to hear from you what coral lipsticks would you be wearing this spring.

Don’t forget to comment as you know I love to read them. Till then, take good care of yourself and stay pretty.



Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Get The Cover Look - The Spring Way

Bonjour il Beauties,

Hope you all are doing great and enjoying the lovely Spring to its maximum. As you all know, spring is the season we all look forward to and we girls want to get the best out of it through every aspect. So I decided to do some fashion and beauty posts on the 2011 Spring Trends and help you know what is actually IN this Spring and the stuff to go for and what is OUT, so that you don’t waste your time and get all out grooving with the spring.

Today, my post is on getting the “cover” look the spring way. This spring, its all about nudes and peachy corals when it comes to creating the “perfect” spring look.

Here is how you can achieve that perfect daytime spring look to enhance your beauty and give it a fresh “Spring-ish” feeling.

Starting off: Step 01

Blend a light weight base, onto your skin with the help of your lovely fingers, for a sheer naturally flawless finish. You can either use a tinted moisturiser or a foundation that provides medium coverage.

Once you’re done with the base, dust over some loose translucent powder and conceal any imperfections you have to set it. Remember, don’t be too heavy as we are going for a light, natural 
daytime look.

Moving on with the Eyes: Step 02

Subtly enhance your eyes by applying a warm brown eyeshadow (more of a coffee coloured one) by patting it on your lids.

Apply a caramel or a camel coloured eyeshadow just above your crease and blend the two colours together.

Next, place a dark chocolate brown coloured eyeshadow and place it into your socket area (crease) and blend with the caramel applied to give an eye opening effect.

For highlighting your brow bone, apply a nice vanilla like shadow under your eyebrows, focussing on the area under the arch of your brow and complete the look by applying brown eyeliner on both upper and lower lash lines; followed by enhancing your lashes with two coats of your favourite mascara.

Cheeks Please : Step 03

Brighten up your complexion by lightly dusting your favourite bronzer across the apples of your cheeks and swirling it on to your temples, nose and hairline.

You can also apply a peachy coral blush instead of the bronzer depending on your likes.

Lips it is: Step 04

To finish off the look, give your lips a delicately tinted sheen with any nude brown colored lipstick with a coat of a clear lipgloss or a shade slightly lighter than that of the lipstick itself. At the end, spray some confidence in you and Voila! You are ready to groove and all set to enjoy the spring.

Want to Intensify the Look?

You can intensify this look by:

-      Using a foundation that give you full coverage
-      Intensifying the eyes by: winging out your eyeliner and wear some false lashes
-      Cheek it up with both blush and the bronzer
-      Lastly, wear a vibrant colored lipstick (red or dark coral) along with a hint of a non sticky lipgloss. 

Finished look? Somewhat like this ... 

Hope you found this post helpful. Dont forget to leave your precious comments as I love reading them.

Till then,
Stay pretty



Saturday, April 2, 2011

And the Winner is - Lush GiveAway Result

The Winner was chosen randomly from 

Nazrat, you have 48 hrs to contact me and mail me your shipping address.


To all my other participants, better luck next time Girlies.



My Favourites - 005 - Fragrance [Perfume + Body Mist]

Bonjour beautés .. !!
Hope you all are doing great and enjoying a lovely weekend. Today's post is another of My Favourites one centering the fragrances I am simply loving this year. These also fit in for the lovely spring season, totally made to be worn in this amazing weather/season.

Now the first one is a perfume fragrance which is a DKNY brand from their series of Emotion of New York; Be Delicious.

This juicy fragrance celebrates individuality in a refreshing manner by combining the scent of apple with a sophisticated blend of exotic flowers and sensual woods.

The scent is fruity, spicy and sweet making it to be worn anytime of the day, leaving you with a fresh and lively feeling.

The next one is actually a body mist from Victoria's Secret called Victoria's Secret Secret Crush Body Mist. It is a refreshing body mist infused with moisturising Aloe Vera and calming Chamomile with a scent of Frozen Pear,Peony and Peach Blossom making it a perfect spring have.

This fragrance was from there Victoria's Secret Garden Collection which was (I assume) a limited edition series as its not up on their website anymore. Nevertheless you can still get this wonderful scent online through Ebay, Amazon and other e-shops.

So mesdames (french for ladies if you're wondering =P), I hope you enjoyed my post and found it refreshing and interesting. Please feel free to provide me with your valueable feedback.
Till then, rester assez (stay pretty =D)

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

LOTD - Spring Inspired Makeup Look

~ Spring is nature's way of saying, "Let's party!" ~
Robin Williams

Aloha girls!

I am back with another Look Of The Day (LOTD) for you lovelies and this time, its a Spring inspired look with cool pinks and purples. Hope you like it and the products used are mentioned at the end of the post. 

Till then, keep it safe and stay pretty.



And here I am .. ^ ^

Products used :

For face:
L'Oreal True Match Foundation in Sand
Revlon ColorStay Compact in Medium

For Eyes:
Benefit Lemonaid Eye Primer
120 - Pro Palette
L'Oreal Superliner in Black

For Cheeks:
No.7 Blush in Coral Flush

For Lips:
Maybelline Lipstick in Bonbon Caramel Toffee Cream

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Nails Of The Day - NOTD - BerryM Nail Lacquer in Shocking Pink

Hey beauties,

So I am back with my first ever NOTD post (super excited) and its the one from my recent haul post that I did. Its a BerryM Nail Polish/Lacquer in Shocking Pink which I think is amazing spring wear. I am literally obsessed with BerryM's Nail Polish collection as they are wonderful to wear with all the pretty colours and they make your hands look beautiful. So, I am surely going to get more of these lovelies soon. Hope you like my post. Till then stay pretty and Happy Spring Time everyone! 




Without flash

With Flash

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Get Intensified - Maybelline Drama Gel Eyeliner - Review

I am an eyeliner freak and today I’ll be reviewing a product that I have gone crazy about and have fallen madly in love with. Its Maybelline’s Lasting Drama Gel Liner in Intense Black. Now before I start reviewing it, I want to tell you that I got this lovely thing from Boots for £5.99 which was its introductory price while the actual price is £8.99.

Here’s what Maybelline has to say about their product:

- Designed to give an intense black line
- The long-lasting gel formula means up to 24 hour hold
- Easy to apply with the brush which is included
- You can create different looks and intensities with this one product

My thoughts:

The Packaging:

The gel liner comes in an elongated cardboard box which holds the glass liner pot along with the brush.
I was quite surprised to see the SIZE of the pot/jar as I thought it was pretty small. The brush/applicator on the other hand amused me as I thought it would be the typical eyeliner brush with a pointed end to it.

The Eyeliner Jar/Pot:

It’s a very cute, rather small frosted glass container with a cap made of aluminium.  However there is no mention of how much of the product the jar holds.

The Applicator/Brush:

The brush/applicator really impressed me as its not the typical eyeliner brush. The bristles are made out of synthetic fibres which is a good thing about it. Easy to use and is compact.

The Gel Liner itself:

It is extremely creamy and easy to work with as it doesn’t dry up quickly. It definitely gives an intense look if you want one and the brush helps to do so.

I loved this product as it not only fulfils all what it says, but as for the price, I think Maybelline should consider keeping it below £8. But it’s a must have if you are an eyeliner freak like me. It gives a matt finish and the application is super easy along with its creamy texture and easy to blend nature. Can be used to create any sort of look you are looking for; winged, thin or think eyeliner or even as a base.

My bare lid before applying the liner
Thin Line applied 
Liner applied thick and winged out
Liner used as a base.

I would definitely recommend this product to everyone and would definitely re-purchase it. The only cons that this liner has are that I found the jar to be a bit too small, but cute and secondly, its available in only two
colours that is; intense black and brown. I hope Maybelline introduces some more colours and increases the volume of the jar. =D

Hope you found my review helpful. Feel free to comment below and spread the word if you have love inside you. (cheesy innit? I know! :P)

Till then, you lovely ladies stay pretty.