Friday, April 8, 2011

Beauty UK Eye Quad in Browns/Neutral - Review

Aloha girls,
Yesterday I had an amazing spring-filled day as the weather was lovely throughout with hot sun and cool breeze. It surely did remind me of Karachi’s *end-of-winter* time when in a weather like this, I used to cover myself up with either a shawl or a light cardigan.

Today, I am going to talk about one of the makeup brands that is being raved about since the past couple of months and its none other than BeautyUK. My first impression of this brand was not appealing as I didn’t expect it to be one of the classy drugstore brands which would deliver quality for the price paid, but ever since watching and reading what other beauty bloggers/gurus had to say, I decided to try it out.

Now, whenever I want to try a brand out, I opt to try their eyeshadows which then gives me a fair idea of what the brand is capable of delivering. Same happened with this brand. Although I was given the opportunity to go through its booth at the local drugstores here, but I never grasped it and hence end up buying one of its product online i.e. on ebay.

It was so naïve of me to get a product that has been discontinued by the company itself, which I came to know later but nevertheless, I got what I was looking for.

I got this beautiful looking BeautyUk eye-quad in Browns [neutral tones] for £1.69 including P&P which I thought was a great bargain and couldn’t wait to swatch it and try it out.

The package was delivered to me within 2 days and I was literally amazed at the size of the container/tub it came in. I didn’t expect it to be an approximate size of that of my palm. YES! It is this big of a container/tub and my BodyShop eye trio in Sundown Glow seemed like a newborn infront of it.


This eyeshadow quad comes in a round black plastic tub/container with a transparent lid. The container holds 
about 9.72 g of the product and has the list of all the ingredients at the back of the tub.

The Eyeshadows:

BeautyUk claims that their eyeshadows are as good as any high-end product with fine pigmentation and an wonderful colour pay off. These quads, which has been discontinued and palettes have taken their place now, comes in different shades including that of blues, greens and purples.

The Browns, are specifically designed and created to give you a soft natural eye look to that of the intensifying bronzy eyes.

with flash

My thoughts:

The moment I swatched the lovely shades embedded in the tub, I fell in love with it as the color payoff and the pigmentation was surely something I didn’t expect to be that good, i.e. the shadows are surely pigmented and the colour payoff was just incredible. Moreover, they blended nicely with eachother and the transition it gave was something I definitely didn’t expect.

without flash

It quad comes in 4 shadows; Dark brown with gold undertone to it, a deep but somewhat shimmery copper colour with brown trace, a light camel coloured shadow with light brown undertones and lastly a matte pearly white highlight shade.

I am really impressed by this quad and I think it is just perfect to create natural/neutral eyes with either keeping it simple or intensifying it depending on your needs. Easy to carry and as I like to put it, can effortlessly fit into your makeup bag.

For the price I paid, this product is much more of a worth. Although you cant get these in stores but you can definitely get your hands on this lovely piece online.

Hope you found this review helpful and informative. Please don’t hesitate to comment below as I love to hear what you guys have to say. I have also done a look using this quad which I will be posting soon as a tutorial, so do keep your eyes open. ^_^

Till then, stay pretty and enjoy the lovely spring.




  1. looks lovely :) great pigmentation.

  2. where from you got it? its really nice in pigmentation...

  3. Nice colors! Seems they are quite pigmented :)

  4. Yes the shadows are really pigmented. And Mahrukh, I got it from ebay .... :)

  5. Sarah U always do great reviews :)
    check this link

    A little surprise for u :)

  6. Hi
    I have awarded you on my blog. Check it out on this link :)

    *Stay Beautiful
    Mrs Sahrish Adeel

  7. now this is a quad combo that would work for me!

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