Friday, December 3, 2010

Protecting hair from HEAT - [New Studio Silk&Gloss Hot Straight Cream from L'oreal Paris] - Review

I love straight hair and since I have somewhat wavy frizzy hair, I like to straighten them by using a straightener [straightening iron]. Now as I mentioned I have rather frizzy hair, whenever I tend to straighten them up, the waves do get straightened but the frizz remains intact and this really turns me off. Secondly, I have read a lot about how heating instruments for hair, damages your hair’s texture and how bad they are for their growth; I got a little worried. So I went to this store and was searching for a product that provides me with ultimate heat protection against heating tools and there I found a hot pink bottle that promises to straighten up my worries. It was none other than L’oreal’s Studio Silk&Gloss Hot Straight Cream. Now here are a few things that the product says about itself.

  • -          It provides your hair with glossy shine and silky touch as it is enriched with Silk Micro-Fibres.
  • -          It smoothens and gives you a 48 hour Anti-Frizz hair.
  • -          The product itself is specially created for use with straightening irons and hairdryers.

After going through all the details about this product, I instantly got hold of it and bought it right then. This is what I wanted, anti-frizz hair straightening product that also smoothens the hair after you straighten them. Now I must confess that I was taken a bit back when I came to know it’s a hair cream because I have heard that hair creams tend to make your hair greasy. But the product was worth a try.  

How was my experience? It was simply amazing. It not only fulfils its anti-frizz and smooth hair promise, it also has an amazing smell and protects your hair from heat. It does leave your hair smooth, frizz-free and incredible smelling. I just love touching my hair again and again. =)

So, would I recommend this amazing product? Hell yes! If you like to blowdry, iron or curl your hair, then this product is a must buy for you all.
Hope this review helps. Stay pretty and have a nice day …