Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Photography ... Best way to make yourself useful

I have been obsessed with photography since the day I got myself a cellphone with camera attached to it. Though my first ever cellphone camera didn’t have much to offer, yet I took full advantage of it by clicking various faces and objects. I am more of an “object photographer”, meaning, I like to click objects more than faces as I think they have real depth and exposure towards the eye that is catching it. Cliché, I know. Anyway, so I joined “Flickr” as one of my friends advised me to do so and started posting my clicks over there. Now before going further down with my photography discussion I must tell you all that I am not a professional photographer; I just do it for fun and I never had a proper digital or an SLR camera before my wedding. So most of the pictures there on my page are from my Samsung U600 cellphone and it did miracles for me. J
I got some really nice responses from different people who were able to view my clicks and you wont believe it, I also got mails asking me to do a wedding photoshoot for their loved ones (I still have one of the mails in my inbox) but since I didn’t have a proper camera those days, I couldn’t do so and therefore let my photography skills go to rust. After I got myself married, I got to know that my husband possess a proper SLR camera, and I went bananas after knowing. I started clicking but obviously it took me time to understand the true essence of playing around with an SLR camera and I still think I need a lot of practice with it. But its never too late. I clicked some really nice ones and did some crappy ones as well but I think If I practice more, I will be able to deliver quality clicks.
I think photography is the best thing one could do to kill boredom. Since I don’t do to work, I get bored often at home so I start clicking randomly, whatever catches my eye. A nicely cooked meal or a fancy earring, all it needs is a click. Once you start clicking, you’ll find it hard to stop, especially when you have a good camera with you, be it a cellphone camera, a digital one or an SLR.  So I would suggest you all to give your inner photographer a day and evoke your hidden talent.

If you want to view my clicks, visit my link. =)

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