Saturday, December 4, 2010

Its Organic, Its Bodyshop - Raspberry Body Butter and Body Scrub Review

When it comes to using organic products, one name that we go for blind-folded is The Bodyshop. They say, 

“We believe that there is only one way to be beautiful, and that is the nature’s way” 

and they also claim that their products are 100% organic and made from the finest natural ingredients. Not only they are organic but they also smell wonderful (I wonder how they taste). So when we know that when a product that has all the above mentioned properties, it is necessary to try it out. I am a Bodyshop product freak. I have products from their every range, I guess; from their lipglosses to their bath products. So the products that I am going to review today for you guys are:

  • -          The Bodyshop Raspberry body scrub
  • -          The Bodyshop Raspberry body butter

Raspberry Body Scrub:
It is said to have moisturising raspberry extract in it which helps you to cleanses and exfoliates your skin, hydrates it and clears out any dead skin, leaving it soft, yummy and fragrant ( of raspberry).  This is what it exactly does. When you open its cute little round container, you feel like eating it out as it smells extremely fresh and looks amazingly tempting. It gives you a 100% satisfying result, leaves your skin smooth, soft and amazing smelling.

How to use it? Take a generous amount of the scrub to the area you want to apply and gentle scrub your way through the skin in soft motion. Once you’re done, rinse with luke warm water.

Raspberry Body Butter:
Now what to say about this product? This product is for people who have normal skin type but is simply amazing. With raspberry seed oil, its soft creamy baby pink texture leaves your skin buttery smooth. You will undoubtedly smell yourself again and again as it will make you smell incredible.  It not only softens up your skin but also hydrates it, leaving it healthy and petal soft.

How to use it? Apply to the desired area and massage gently leaving skin soft and smooth.
Now would I recommend these products? Absolutely. 

Where to get from? You can get these and other related products from any Bodyshop outlet. Though I find them a bit pricy but there is no harm in pampering yourself and your skin once a while. =)

Hope you guys find this review yummy and interesting. Don’t forget to leave your comments.


  1. The body scrub and butter looks amazing :) would definitely love to try it out. Thanks for the lovely review. ^^

  2. Trust me it is ... I also used it on my face a couple of times .. =)

  3. body shop's body butter smells amazing, my favorite is grapefruit! but I think I may try the raspberry next time =D!

  4. mere pass raspberry scrub hai & i luv it... thanks for the review :)

  5. Pixie, you should definitely try this one out.
    Thank you Fuchsia Magic for liking my review. =D