Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Fakers - Fake MAC & Bobbi Brown Eyeshadow Palette - D-bate & Review

Robert Heinlein once said :
No matter where or what, there are makers, takers, and fakers.

Hey girlies,

My today’s post is based on the wide range of FAKE BRANDED makeup palettes we see and sometimes end up buying. In this post I will be showcasing and reviewing my two favourite eyeshadow palettes one of which is a FAKE Bobbi Brown Shimmery Palette and the other being a fake MAC 12 colour palette.

But before I get started, I just want to highlight a few things on how and why I ended up buying these palettes knowing they are not genuine but fake and secondly to discuss why some makeup manufacturers choose to fake-brand (name their product the same as the high-end one/identity theft to be more precise) their product.


Back to where I originally am from, we hardly get genuine high-end beauty products and even if we do end up finding the genuine one, they are way too pricey.  So back home, I used to get my cosmetics from different stores, the drugstore brands like Maybelline, L’Oreal, DMGM etc and for us, these are considered to be the *expensive* brand let alone MAC and Estee Lauder as again they were way too pricey. So one a random day, I went to the mall with my friend and we got in to this cosmetic shop where I mostly got my stuff from and while rambling through the things it had, I came across an eyeshadow palette which had MAC written on it. The palette had some really amazing colours that I wanted and when I asked the price, it was for PKR 800/=. Obviously I knew instantly that it wasn’t genuine as I had a fair idea of what MAC is worth of as its single eyeshadow back home was around PKR 3000/=. I swatched the eyeshadows slightly and was impressed by its pigmentation and colour payoff. I asked the shopkeeper if it was genuine MAC and he confronted that it wasn’t. So, after asking my friend who was with me at that time, we came to a mutual consensus that I should buy it and so I did. Now the same thing happened with me when I got myself my fake Bobbi Brown eyeshadow kit and it cost me PKR 200/= which later made me think why did I end up buying two fake palettes knowing they weren’t genuine. Well the answer was simple…I couldn’t afford M.A.C or Bobbi Brown as they were beyond my price range so I decided to get the fake ones and feel as if I have the real thing.

Now coming back to the second part of my discussion, why do manufacturers do identity theft? Well after much research I came to the conclusion that by stealing goodwill or by naming their products that of the high-end ones, there is a chance their sales might boost up which in reality does happen as people like me, who couldn’t afford MAC and Bobbi Brown end up getting the sham which results in us being somewhat satisfied, giving us a an overwhelming feeling. Here, I am NOT encouraging anyone to get themselves fake products just because they cant afford the genuine one. Okay! Enough of this debate, lets move on to my gorgeous fake palettes now.

Fake MAC 12 colour eyeshadow palette:

The first one that I will be reviewing for you is my fake MAC 12 colour eyeshadow palette.

The Packaging:

I love its packaging as its super cute and can easily be fit into almost anything. The palette comes in two layers with mirror attached with each of the later. The top layer has a highlighter and a set of earth – toned shadows whereas the bottom layer has neutrals with a highlighter at the very left. The palette came with two double ended good quality sponge applicators.

The Eyeshadows:
The colours are extremely pigmented and are not matte as they have a velvety touch and a shimmery look to them. The eyeshadows give out the best colour payoff when applied with the given applicators.


-         Affordable
-         Good quality eyeshadows
-         Good colour scheme
-         Compact


-         Fake
-         Wont give the best result if applied with eyeshadow brushes

Bobbi Brown Shimmer Eyeshadow Palette:

As mentioned above, I got this palette back home from a local cosmetic store for PKR 200/=


It’s a square shaped, light weighed kit/palette which holds 5 extremely shimmery and highly pigmented eyeshadows. There is no mirror attached to the palette and it doesn’t come with an applicator.


The shades range from shimmery silvers to shimmery dark greys and bronze. This palette is ideal for creating dramatic shimmery smokey eyes. The shadows are extremely pigmented which sometimes annoy me as there are a lot of fallouts. The colour payoff is amazing and produces the best result when applied with a sponge applicator or fingers.


-         Again, affordable
-         Pigmentation of the eyeshadows
-         Compact – can fit into your make up bag easily


-         Again, fake
-         Doesn’t come with an applicator
-         Doesn’t have an attached mirror
-         Wont give the best result if applied with eyeshadow brushes


Even though they are fake, I love these palettes as they give really good results and most importantly; they are affordable. And I wouldn’t mind repurchasing them if I run out of eyeshadows and couldn’t get my hands on something that appealed as soon as they deliver what is to be delivered. Again, its not necessary that all fake makeup possess good quality. Some do, some doesn't and some are extremely cheap and can harm your skin.

I hope you liked my review and I would love to hear about your fake palettes if you have any.

Till then you gorgeous ladies take care of yourself and stay pretty as always.

Sarah <3


  1. that's an interesting post Sarah :) enjoyed reading it a lot. But I have to say that the palettes look lovely.

    Here in Pak, some people actually BELIEVE that they have the REAL M.A.C which is not the case. :P

  2. Wow! good post
    Something I want to include that fakes can also be fallen in 3 more categories
    1. fake with some standard (Can be found in standard cosmetics stores)

    2. 1 no Fake ( Can be Found in Neighbored cosmetics shop of Streets)

    3. 2 no Fake ( Can be found on thailas of Sundays bazar) :) :p

  3. Thank you so much girls. Really appreciate the response and I second both of your opinions. I once got myself a Genuine Clinique tinted moisturiser from none other than sunday bazar which obviously I didnt use as I came to knw it was expired. Later I got myself, which I thought was a genuine MAC blush, and was so excited about it. Couldnt contain it longer as it turned out to be a fake one ... Lol

  4. Where did you buy the mac one. I don't live in UK but my cousin is going there this month and I could ask her to buy that one. And do you remember what the price was?

  5. hey hanna! thanks for commenting. I didnt get this from UK, instead i got it from Pakistan and it was worth 800/= a year ago. =)

  6. I love this post hun reminds me of old times back home, i can understand in
    Pakistan people think maybelline, loreal and drugstore brands are big deal but here in uk they are just so called drugstore brands. And real Mac and Bobby Brown is way out of my range but still i loved ur fake pallets though, i once came across Nars blushes in Pakistan, i regret not buying them, as some time its fun to buyfake stuff too

  7. I love ur datailed review <3
    Em also in search of some good fake palettes coz I too cant afford the Original Mac!