Thursday, March 17, 2011

My Favourites - 002 - Blushes

Hey there girlies,
My today's post is based on the blushes that I have and love. I dont have many blushes but I am looking forward to expand my collection and try out some crazy shades that I haven't as yet. Ever since I have been to UK, I havent got a single mono blush and its a shame ... But, I will be getting some pretty soon ... =D

Okay, so lets have a quick look at what favourite blushes look like ... 

As mentioned above, I dont have a massive Blush collection, but from whatever I own, these are some of my favourites and I simple LOVE them.

Starting from the extreme left:
Nightlife by Luscious
Shade 21 from Etude
Shade 07 from The BodyShop
Shade 20 from Etude
Crazy for you by Luscious

Now those of you who are wondering about the brand Luscious, its a Pakistani cosmetic company who has amazing products to their account. Now, lets have a closer view of these lovelies ... 

Nightlife by Luscious: A very nice deep coral colour with hint of glitter to it. Perfect for night time and looks great when applied.

Shade 21 by Etude: Light pink matte blush ideal for daytime wear. Looks amazing when applied on the apples of your cheeks.

Shade 7 by The BodyShop: Lovely matte deep reddish brown color which I use (sometimes) as a bronzer. Colour payoff is really nice and this one is ideal for contouring.

Shade 20 by Etude: A lovely glittery peachy pink colour which looks great on your cheeks. The blush has a marble like effect to it which is really nice. Pigmentation is really nice which I really like.

Crazy for You by Luscious: A very rich pinkish plum coloured blush with hint of glitter to it. Ideal for night-time look and looks amazing on the cheeks.

So I hope you liked this post as much as I did. Sorry couldnt get you the swatches as my camera went bananas and completely out of focus. Will share them soon with you all

Till then, stay pretty and keep blushing.




  1. Meraaaa 20 walaa :D Abhi tak zinda hai :P
    You have so many now :) no 21 looks good too

  2. Nice collection! At least it is bigger than mine :P

  3. awwww, thank you girls ... and i want to increase my collection .. :P

  4. Woww all look great sarah!! Thanks for sharing <3
    Nice blog honey...I'm following!!

  5. awww, thank you Rakhshanda ... you too have a wonderful blog ... :D

    following you now aswell .. :D