Sunday, May 10, 2009


Since i am into poetry and I used to write but then stopped to do so for i dont know what reasons. Now i am thinking of getting my old hobby back, that is of writing some classy poetry. Now the poetry that i am going to share with you guys is one of my best written (according to 3 people =D) and it was written way back in 2007 i guess. So enjoy and feel free to comment. =D

Apni aaghosh mein lelon, tum jo pass aao,
Khwaahishein bhi batadon, tum jo apnaao..
Yeh jo zindagi hai meri, kardi hai tumharey naam,
Dorti chali aaon, tum jo pokaaro..
Faasley kam kardon, tum jo muskuraao,
Chalti hi chali jaaon, tum jo haath thamo…
Yeh jo bahar hain sab kuch hai tumhari,
Sar ko mein yun jhukadon, tum jo farmaoo…
khayalon mein tum ho, sabr mein bhi ho tum,
Toot kar mar jaaon, tum jo chor jaao…


I would take you in my arms, if you come near,
I would tell you my desires, if you accept me.
This life of mine, I have given it to you,
I would come running if you call.
I would diminish the miles, if you smile,
Would stride along with you if you grasp my hands.
This spring, it’s all yours,
I would bow my head down, if you say.
You’re in my imaginations, you’re in my patience,
Would fall into pieces, if you leave me.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Survival for the Survivor

All I wanted was to have something inside me, the confidence that I always aimed, the beauty that I always dreamed of, the voice that I always wanted, and the personality that I imagined to mold into…though rational but sometimes leads to an insignificant timeless energy that might energize us all and god damn it, never let it be at our side and then for some way or the other…fall off…I am so scared here…the possession of things going down under lying as if they were not mine…I don’t know where to go, where to hide? All I know that I am something not worth living but I was given this life rationally just to prove that humans like me can survive..

Trying to make themselves transparent,
Unable to be seen, making a regression…
Forensic typed venom,
Feeding on thoughts provoking substance…
Its hard to dwell amongst you all,
It seems that I have missed the chance, forever…
The nail bites, a lonesome way to kill you,
But since you’ve left the torment has been never ending….
I believe in something that has been vague for many years,
The true color of translucence has been indefinite…
To you my love, this world has been welcoming,
For you my love, I would always be the same, the loving…

Flawless and Fine

Flawless, yet fine enough to see what’s beneath the surface, I hold you in my palms yet amazed. You looked so tiny yet powerful that I could feel my hands shiver from your strength. I wish I could just squish you, tore you into tiny little pieces…never to be found, but I find it difficult, rather impossible cause somewhere in you, somewhere profound, I find me…the real me. Your eyes, so sparkling clear as if the pure rain water collected in a small hazel bowl. Your smile makes me realize how important you are for me and my world. Your presence makes my world bright enough to defeat the nature’s sun…but I have to let you go…one way or the other…I have to let you go! Let you leave me for it wont matter to you…I would make you fly high, up in the exceedingly lucid sky, your wings so chaste and clear…knowing you wont look down on me, look down on me smiling…you’d just fly away like the rest of them did…and I would smile…the same old smile…but not now…I would let you go when the time comes…till then, you’re safe here, yet aggravated, but safe, in my palm…

A new passion

Lately, something has really took me by surprise and hell, its addictive. I went to United Arab Emirates in December 2008 and had a wonderful time with my cellphone camera, clicking pictures of some really beautiful objects, which later on made me realize the hidden talent in me *haha*..
Yes! I have completely fallen in love with photography and its just the most amazing boredom remedy. Check out some of my work if you want to, its good, really! =)

Great glancing! =D

Starting a whole new thing...=)

And here i am back!
*Phew*..its been more than a year since i last wrote something as a blog, but now i am back, and obviously with a new genre. I'd start off by writing what my latest actions and inspirations took me to. On 17th of January 2008, I started off with my first ever work experience, Education Bay. It is a great place to be if you're determined and want to have a good time. My initial days were quite tough since this *teaching* thing was new to me specially while facing a group of extremely incredible individuals. Now i just checked what can be the possible synonyms of the word incredible and believe me, they fit to all. Some are incredible in good ways, and others are just "incredible" and i would definitely spare the details. Time went by and i got attached to these little rascals as i have always been a "kid lover" and not to forget the time i used to get to spend with my little babies (the nursery kids) was just gripping me tighter and tighter. I thought of leaving but could not because there was so much more to see and learn from this world.

A lot of individuals inspired my while i was in the school, and amongst them was a thin, extremely efficient and full of life figure, Mrs. Fauzia Zia. She is one of those, whom after meeting or having a chit chat would definitely say, "I want to grow up and be like her". She is about sixty years of age and believe me, she has been a great support. The way she understand and listens to you is something i have waited for my whole life. Her constant motivation towards leading life happily and her immense motivational drive that enables you to work hard. She has been a source of learning and experience for me. Her cute smile, her warm hug, her wonderful talk just mezmerises you to an extant that you feel completely lost in her world. She is one of those people who fit in every genre of company. Her experiential talk and her amazingly soft tone just takes your burden off and you feel light as if you're flying.

Its been almost 17 months since i am working in this institute that has taught me a lot, and has played a very vital role in polishing my skills and regenrating me. =)