Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Flawless and Fine

Flawless, yet fine enough to see what’s beneath the surface, I hold you in my palms yet amazed. You looked so tiny yet powerful that I could feel my hands shiver from your strength. I wish I could just squish you, tore you into tiny little pieces…never to be found, but I find it difficult, rather impossible cause somewhere in you, somewhere profound, I find me…the real me. Your eyes, so sparkling clear as if the pure rain water collected in a small hazel bowl. Your smile makes me realize how important you are for me and my world. Your presence makes my world bright enough to defeat the nature’s sun…but I have to let you go…one way or the other…I have to let you go! Let you leave me for it wont matter to you…I would make you fly high, up in the exceedingly lucid sky, your wings so chaste and clear…knowing you wont look down on me, look down on me smiling…you’d just fly away like the rest of them did…and I would smile…the same old smile…but not now…I would let you go when the time comes…till then, you’re safe here, yet aggravated, but safe, in my palm…

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