Sunday, May 10, 2009


Since i am into poetry and I used to write but then stopped to do so for i dont know what reasons. Now i am thinking of getting my old hobby back, that is of writing some classy poetry. Now the poetry that i am going to share with you guys is one of my best written (according to 3 people =D) and it was written way back in 2007 i guess. So enjoy and feel free to comment. =D

Apni aaghosh mein lelon, tum jo pass aao,
Khwaahishein bhi batadon, tum jo apnaao..
Yeh jo zindagi hai meri, kardi hai tumharey naam,
Dorti chali aaon, tum jo pokaaro..
Faasley kam kardon, tum jo muskuraao,
Chalti hi chali jaaon, tum jo haath thamo…
Yeh jo bahar hain sab kuch hai tumhari,
Sar ko mein yun jhukadon, tum jo farmaoo…
khayalon mein tum ho, sabr mein bhi ho tum,
Toot kar mar jaaon, tum jo chor jaao…


I would take you in my arms, if you come near,
I would tell you my desires, if you accept me.
This life of mine, I have given it to you,
I would come running if you call.
I would diminish the miles, if you smile,
Would stride along with you if you grasp my hands.
This spring, it’s all yours,
I would bow my head down, if you say.
You’re in my imaginations, you’re in my patience,
Would fall into pieces, if you leave me.

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