Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Survival for the Survivor

All I wanted was to have something inside me, the confidence that I always aimed, the beauty that I always dreamed of, the voice that I always wanted, and the personality that I imagined to mold into…though rational but sometimes leads to an insignificant timeless energy that might energize us all and god damn it, never let it be at our side and then for some way or the other…fall off…I am so scared here…the possession of things going down under lying as if they were not mine…I don’t know where to go, where to hide? All I know that I am something not worth living but I was given this life rationally just to prove that humans like me can survive..

Trying to make themselves transparent,
Unable to be seen, making a regression…
Forensic typed venom,
Feeding on thoughts provoking substance…
Its hard to dwell amongst you all,
It seems that I have missed the chance, forever…
The nail bites, a lonesome way to kill you,
But since you’ve left the torment has been never ending….
I believe in something that has been vague for many years,
The true color of translucence has been indefinite…
To you my love, this world has been welcoming,
For you my love, I would always be the same, the loving…

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