Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Starting a whole new thing...=)

And here i am back!
*Phew*..its been more than a year since i last wrote something as a blog, but now i am back, and obviously with a new genre. I'd start off by writing what my latest actions and inspirations took me to. On 17th of January 2008, I started off with my first ever work experience, Education Bay. It is a great place to be if you're determined and want to have a good time. My initial days were quite tough since this *teaching* thing was new to me specially while facing a group of extremely incredible individuals. Now i just checked what can be the possible synonyms of the word incredible and believe me, they fit to all. Some are incredible in good ways, and others are just "incredible" and i would definitely spare the details. Time went by and i got attached to these little rascals as i have always been a "kid lover" and not to forget the time i used to get to spend with my little babies (the nursery kids) was just gripping me tighter and tighter. I thought of leaving but could not because there was so much more to see and learn from this world.

A lot of individuals inspired my while i was in the school, and amongst them was a thin, extremely efficient and full of life figure, Mrs. Fauzia Zia. She is one of those, whom after meeting or having a chit chat would definitely say, "I want to grow up and be like her". She is about sixty years of age and believe me, she has been a great support. The way she understand and listens to you is something i have waited for my whole life. Her constant motivation towards leading life happily and her immense motivational drive that enables you to work hard. She has been a source of learning and experience for me. Her cute smile, her warm hug, her wonderful talk just mezmerises you to an extant that you feel completely lost in her world. She is one of those people who fit in every genre of company. Her experiential talk and her amazingly soft tone just takes your burden off and you feel light as if you're flying.

Its been almost 17 months since i am working in this institute that has taught me a lot, and has played a very vital role in polishing my skills and regenrating me. =)

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