Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My Favourites - 001 - Lipsticks

Hey Gorgeous Ladies,
First of all, how did you find the NEW blog of mine? I mean the change and everything. I wanted a change so thought about keeping it simple yet chic. Do let me know what you think of it. =D

So, I am starting off "My Favourites" posts from today. This series of posts will showcase things that I simply adore and the reason behind mentioning them is to share with you all lovely girlies out there. So, I hope you'll enjoy this series of posts as much as I will enjoying them putting up for you.

Now to kick off My Favourites, I am starting off by revealing my favourite shades of lipsticks that I own till now.  These range from different brands and mostly are from the same shade family - BROWN - I am obsessed with brown shade lipsticks because I personally think this colour suits me and my personality the BEST. 

Here they are ... !!!

1-      Audacious by Rimmel
2-      Shade 11 by The Bodyshop
3-      Bonbon Caramel Toffee Cream by Maybelline
4-      Rum Raisin by Maybelline
5-      Invincible by L’Oreal
6-      Shade 11 by MUA (MakeUpAcademy)
7-      Shade 06 by The Bodyshop

And here's a closer look:

Now comes the swatches ...

Hope you like the post. Dont forget to comment below if you want to ask anything or just leave a comment just like that ... =D

Till then, have a lovely day and stay pretty ..



  1. aww sarah excellent review......specially i love ur swatches

  2. thanks for the swatches :) The L'Oreal lippie looks great to me