Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Get Intensified - Maybelline Drama Gel Eyeliner - Review

I am an eyeliner freak and today I’ll be reviewing a product that I have gone crazy about and have fallen madly in love with. Its Maybelline’s Lasting Drama Gel Liner in Intense Black. Now before I start reviewing it, I want to tell you that I got this lovely thing from Boots for £5.99 which was its introductory price while the actual price is £8.99.

Here’s what Maybelline has to say about their product:

- Designed to give an intense black line
- The long-lasting gel formula means up to 24 hour hold
- Easy to apply with the brush which is included
- You can create different looks and intensities with this one product

My thoughts:

The Packaging:

The gel liner comes in an elongated cardboard box which holds the glass liner pot along with the brush.
I was quite surprised to see the SIZE of the pot/jar as I thought it was pretty small. The brush/applicator on the other hand amused me as I thought it would be the typical eyeliner brush with a pointed end to it.

The Eyeliner Jar/Pot:

It’s a very cute, rather small frosted glass container with a cap made of aluminium.  However there is no mention of how much of the product the jar holds.

The Applicator/Brush:

The brush/applicator really impressed me as its not the typical eyeliner brush. The bristles are made out of synthetic fibres which is a good thing about it. Easy to use and is compact.

The Gel Liner itself:

It is extremely creamy and easy to work with as it doesn’t dry up quickly. It definitely gives an intense look if you want one and the brush helps to do so.

I loved this product as it not only fulfils all what it says, but as for the price, I think Maybelline should consider keeping it below £8. But it’s a must have if you are an eyeliner freak like me. It gives a matt finish and the application is super easy along with its creamy texture and easy to blend nature. Can be used to create any sort of look you are looking for; winged, thin or think eyeliner or even as a base.

My bare lid before applying the liner
Thin Line applied 
Liner applied thick and winged out
Liner used as a base.

I would definitely recommend this product to everyone and would definitely re-purchase it. The only cons that this liner has are that I found the jar to be a bit too small, but cute and secondly, its available in only two
colours that is; intense black and brown. I hope Maybelline introduces some more colours and increases the volume of the jar. =D

Hope you found my review helpful. Feel free to comment below and spread the word if you have love inside you. (cheesy innit? I know! :P)

Till then, you lovely ladies stay pretty.




  1. Great review♥♥ Love your eyes♥♥

  2. Nice review.
    i want to ask isn't it smudge proof gel eyeliner ????Doesnot it get dry quickly?? have heard coastal scents gel eyeliner gets dry so quicky and gives dry flakes .

  3. Thank you girls.
    @Silverstargirl : it is smudge proof but it doesnt dry up quickly and doesnt flake out. It takes about 5-6 secs to dry up so if you are willing u use it as a base, it works just perfectly ... :)

  4. Great review :) I like the winged liner on u :) I am goin to buy it tooo :D

  5. great review sarah B , :)I loved the way you applied Liner thick and winged out. cant wait to get it when i go to lhr

  6. Thank you girls ... Feels lovely to read ur comments .... :D

  7. awesome sarah luv d way u reviewed

  8. love how differently youv put the liner sara :) your blog is lovely
    do check out my blog sometime too :)

  9. thank you girls ... and i will surely check your blog peach ... :D

  10. great review, i really want this now!!