Friday, December 3, 2010

Its all about Shimmer - *Rimmel Metallic Stars Roller Eyeshadow - Stardust* - Review

When it comes to looking good it winters, I personally prefer using products that has shimmer to them just to enhance and brighten up the face features like eyes, cheekbones etc. Usually professionals prefer using dark and daring colours for the winter season as the skin gets a bit pale specially in the European countries.
When it comes to applying eyeshadows, blending two shades together is very necessary to give your eye and the colours that you have applied a very nice look. Initially I didn’t really know how to blend shades together, but thanks to Youtube and some practice, I can do so now. =D

A couple of months back; I went to this cosmetic store and found a Rimmel eyeshadow. It was not like the normal eyeshadow that you get in pans and kits, it was a roller eyeshadow by the name of Metallic Stars. The shade that I got was Stardust which is shimmery metallic dull gold. As soon as I tested it, I bought it, but hardly ever used it as I thought it would look best in winters when blended nicely with a darker shade, like black/carbon or chocolate brown. I also thought that this product will also act great as a highlighter for the eyes.

a swatch of the shade

How is the product? Extremely shimmery and amazingly pigmented. That’s the best thing about it. The colour is amazing and blends really nice with any colour. The application is really easy as you just have to roll it gently over the eyelids and blend it with either your finger or any blending brush. I have fallen in love with this product although I have no idea whether it was a limited series product or is still available now in Pakistan since I have moved to London.

Would I recommend it? Definitely! Although it might be a bit too shimmery for some of you, I think it does wonders with darker shades and gives you a satisfying feeling. It would look great if worn in evening parties.
I truly hope that you do get hold of this lovely thing. Feel free to post your comments and I hope you like it too.

Happy reading and stay pretty … =)


  1. wow this color looks so pretty! :)

  2. it is indeed very pretty and blends really well with other colours. Do get hold of it .. =)

  3. Eija from FinlandJuly 16, 2012 at 7:17 AM

    I totally agree with every word you've written :) I have this golden shade and I would also like to have atleast the blue one I've seen on the internet.