Sunday, December 12, 2010

Goodness of Baking Soda - A Little Help from the Kitchen

"A thing of beauty is a joy for ever:
Its loveliness increases; it will never
Pass into nothingness." 
– John Keats

A big hello to all of the lovely girls out there from me. When we think about beauty, we simply cannot neglect the word nature from our source. Think about it, the best way to define beauty is thy nature. For me, beauty lies in everything and today I have something to share with you that have been hiding in my kitchen cabinet for long waiting for it to be used. Its none other than my favourite beauty product of all times, The Baking Soda.
I know some of you will be like, “WHAT?! Baking Soda and a beauty product?” Yes my lovelies, it is indeed a very significant yet the cheapest beauty product I have ever come across with, and today I will tell you what magic it has.
Before I start off, I want to tell you all that I tend to have an oily skin, especially around my nose and forehead area and in summers, these areas were a headache for me as they produced oil all the time. I wanted something that would prevent these areas from producing oil that frequent, making it look and feel fresh and healthy. So a colleague of mine suggested me to be a little creative and use the following as my morning and before bedtime facial wash.

  • 1 teaspoon of baking soda
  • A few drops of rose water (or normal water if you don’t have rose water at your place)

Make it into a thick paste and gentle massage it onto the skin. Rinse with cold or lukewarm water.
I first didn’t give a ear to whatever she said, but later I did try it out and VOILA!! It did magic with my skin, leaving it oil free for several hours, cleansed and clean, and amazingly soft. What more do I want? A fresh and bright looking face, with no make-up product to be purchased for.  I don’t wash my face with this mixture every day as using it twice a week is enough.
I also brush my teeth with the baking soda and water mixture twice a week as it cleans my teeth better than the toothpaste I use. =) and for more amazing uses of Baking Soda, click on the following link.

So, do try it out and let me know how did you find it out.

Disclaimer: If you think that you are or might be allergic to baking soda, then please don’t use it


  1. Very Helpful Post :) face also gets pretty oily in summers, i'll surely try this out..hope it works :)

  2. thank you girls .. Do try it out and let me know .. =)