Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Get The Cover Look - The Spring Way

Bonjour il Beauties,

Hope you all are doing great and enjoying the lovely Spring to its maximum. As you all know, spring is the season we all look forward to and we girls want to get the best out of it through every aspect. So I decided to do some fashion and beauty posts on the 2011 Spring Trends and help you know what is actually IN this Spring and the stuff to go for and what is OUT, so that you don’t waste your time and get all out grooving with the spring.

Today, my post is on getting the “cover” look the spring way. This spring, its all about nudes and peachy corals when it comes to creating the “perfect” spring look.

Here is how you can achieve that perfect daytime spring look to enhance your beauty and give it a fresh “Spring-ish” feeling.

Starting off: Step 01

Blend a light weight base, onto your skin with the help of your lovely fingers, for a sheer naturally flawless finish. You can either use a tinted moisturiser or a foundation that provides medium coverage.

Once you’re done with the base, dust over some loose translucent powder and conceal any imperfections you have to set it. Remember, don’t be too heavy as we are going for a light, natural 
daytime look.

Moving on with the Eyes: Step 02

Subtly enhance your eyes by applying a warm brown eyeshadow (more of a coffee coloured one) by patting it on your lids.

Apply a caramel or a camel coloured eyeshadow just above your crease and blend the two colours together.

Next, place a dark chocolate brown coloured eyeshadow and place it into your socket area (crease) and blend with the caramel applied to give an eye opening effect.

For highlighting your brow bone, apply a nice vanilla like shadow under your eyebrows, focussing on the area under the arch of your brow and complete the look by applying brown eyeliner on both upper and lower lash lines; followed by enhancing your lashes with two coats of your favourite mascara.

Cheeks Please : Step 03

Brighten up your complexion by lightly dusting your favourite bronzer across the apples of your cheeks and swirling it on to your temples, nose and hairline.

You can also apply a peachy coral blush instead of the bronzer depending on your likes.

Lips it is: Step 04

To finish off the look, give your lips a delicately tinted sheen with any nude brown colored lipstick with a coat of a clear lipgloss or a shade slightly lighter than that of the lipstick itself. At the end, spray some confidence in you and Voila! You are ready to groove and all set to enjoy the spring.

Want to Intensify the Look?

You can intensify this look by:

-      Using a foundation that give you full coverage
-      Intensifying the eyes by: winging out your eyeliner and wear some false lashes
-      Cheek it up with both blush and the bronzer
-      Lastly, wear a vibrant colored lipstick (red or dark coral) along with a hint of a non sticky lipgloss. 

Finished look? Somewhat like this ... 

Hope you found this post helpful. Dont forget to leave your precious comments as I love reading them.

Till then,
Stay pretty




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