Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sea Of Colours - 120 Pro Eyeshadow Palette - Review

Howdy pretty ladies,

Happy Valentines Day in advance and I hope you have an amazing time. But before I start off with my babbling, I just want to apologize for the delay of my review on 120 Pro Palette which I promised a month ago I guess? (cant exactly remember) but lately I am kind of low on energy these days so I hope you guys will excuse me for this.

So, Lets start off with this lovely review that I have instated for you guys. I did told you that I got this palette from for only £9 (approx Rs.1200) which is an amazing price for a palette like this which contains 120 eye shadows. As soon as I found out that the person who was selling it had only one left with him and he lived in England (which means I would get this chic in no time), I grasped the opportunity and got myself this amazing palette.

This palette does not have a name attached to it, as in, it does not state as to what brand or company made it is. It came in a plain black cardboard box which had its ingredients listed at the back and it was a big relief to find out that it didn’t contain any animal based ingredient. When I opened it, the palette; which is in black with nothing written on it was bubble wrapped which I really like. When dispatching such delicate feature, you need to ensure that it reaches its destination in one piece.

When I opened it, I was taken by amusement just by looking at the colours in it. From refreshing blues to inspiring greens, from delicate purples to extravagant pinks, from sunny yellows to nude browns, this palette has all the colours one would want for her eyeshadow collection. The palette comes in detachable trays of two, which means that both of the trays containing eyeshadows can be taken out of the palette and can be placed on the palette as well.

Now lets talk about the things I just love about this palette.
  • -          The colours are extremely pigmented and has an amazing quality.
  • -          The palette has matte, shimmery and a column of marble effect shades, but matte shades are more to be found.
  • -          I love the way they are aligned with respect to the colour family they belong to.
  • -          They are easily to blend, which is again a very good aspect of it.

However, there were certain things that I didn’t like about this palette which are ignorable. Firstly, the black coloured eyeshadow has been repeated, which I think is because of the fact that while creating intense dramatic looks, black seems to get used up pretty much so they thought of giving us an extra black spot. Secondly, I really didn’t like the idea of the eyeshadow trays being detachable as I think they have more chances of getting damaged by falling off the palette. But overall, this palette is worth it. And I simply LOVE it. Not only it has amazing colours to it, but it sure has a very nice quality label attached to it.  

Hope you guys found my review helpful and interesting. Stay tuned for more reviews and looks from this palette and I would love to hear and see about your palettes too.

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Till then, stay pretty and love the way you are.


  1. The palette looks amazing :) wow! thanks for the lovely review.

  2. its almost similar to my coastal scents....

    visit my blog @

  3. Thank you Sara and Shycheeks.
    And yes, its definitely similar to the Coastal Scents one.

  4. nice palette,its like those coastal scents ones
    but it got more variety,nice find :)

  5. thanks maryam, its indeed an amazing find <3 it.