Sunday, January 30, 2011

How To - Cleaning your Make-Up Brushes the Inexpensive Way

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Hope you all are doing fabulous and I wish you all the best of health. How are the winters treating you all? Anyway, so today my blog is about how to clean your make-up brushes the inexpensive way; so lets get started.

Cleaning make-up brushes needs a lot of care and the kindness of your hands. If you want to get the flawless look that you get with them, its necessary for you to spare sometime on their maintenance. So there are two very simple ways of cleaning your makeup brushes without using any makeup brush cleanser.

The Facial Wipe Cleaning Method:

The first and the most easiest way to clean your makeup brushes is by using your very own cleansing facial wipe. Sweep your dirty brush in a to and fro motion on the wipe gently to get rid of the entire product on your brush. Remember to be gentle and keep your hand soft while sweeping your brush or else you’ll end up ruining your brush (and by that I mean the brush bristles). You can also go about in circular motions if you want to. Once the cleaning is done, let them dry overnight.

Deep Cleansing your brushes:

It is also necessary to deep cleanse your makeup brushes for its longer life with soft smooth bristles. Once every week, deep cleanse your brushes by using a mild shampoo (baby shampoo would be ideal) or if you get your hands on one of those brush shampoos, then voila!

The Method:

-         Apply some shampoo on your palm and sweep your brush to and fro through it under running water for 20-30 seconds or until your brush bristles are clean (depending on how dirty your brush is)
-         Once the brush is thoroughly clean, shape them up gently (this would also squeeze the excess water out) and let it dry overnight on a clean napkin or small towel.

This process does not only clean your brushes thoroughly but also makes them look newer and full of great smell.

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