Thursday, January 10, 2013

This time, I am really back!!

Hello there lovelies,
Hope you all are doing pretty well and having the best of life. I know you guys must be thinking that what the hell, where was she and why is she back again with an “I am BACK!” post. Frankly I don’t know where to start, but firstly, I missed you guys … like literally. Missed every bit of it and I often used to log on to my blog suspecting how many of you have stood by me since my disappearance and I am amazed that I have gained followers instead! So thank you guys once again for your immense love and support that I am not worth of, like seriously!
Anyway, to keep this post short and moving, this time I am really back! Yes! I am going to get my lazy bum back into the blogging world because I have so much to talk about and so much to share.
The past few months, or year, has been really wrecking for me since I hardly got time for myself as being a full time mum is NOT easy. Its like whenever you go to bed you think that okay tomorrow its going to be a little resting day but instead it turns into a full workout day. Going up the stairs, going down the stairs, cleaning poops, washing puked up clothes … Ahh … life’s so much fun.
But I am enjoying as everyday is a new day for me as I see my little grow more and more each day. And a part of me feels so proud that yes, I can do it as I am doing it.
So, yes .. this time I am surely back and want you guys to support me as I have some really good stuff lined up for you guys. Might as well start filming as I love watching youtube videos but that’s just a thought I have to think upon.
Till then you guys stay happy and healthy and keep your eyes open for my next post!
Love you,


  1. It's great to hear you are back to blogging. Would love to see youtube videos from you. :) x

  2. Thanks Shang ... it feels good to be back ...