Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Whats In : My Bag

Hello there beauties,

Hope you all are doing well and enjoying the weather as much as I am. Frankly, I am just waiting for the lovely spring/summer to come around my corner so that I can have a nice time out cause I am not a big winter fan.

Anyway moving on to my post, today I have a very interesting one and this is basically a TAG post in which I am tagging you all to share with me what you currently are carrying or have in your bag.

Basically all you have to do is share a picture of whats in your bag (and please no alterations) and if you have a blog like me, just make a post out of it mentioning all the things. It should be impromptu i.e. you should just grab your handbag, empty all the contents out, take a picture and share.

So, whom am I tagging? All of YOU! Those who are reading this …
If you do not have a blog, you can always share pictures on my facebook fan page and I’ll post them separately on my blog … fun innit?

So lets get started!!

Okay, so currently I am carrying a denim blue coloured across body satchel purse by Dorothy Perkins. Here’s a peek inside …

And here are the contents of my baggy.

  • 1-    my oyster card [used for travelling purposes]
  • 2-      random ducky, don’t know what it was doing in my purse. Its my daughter’s actually.
  • 3-      my Victoria Secrets Enchanted Apple perfume
  • 4-      Vaseline Rosy Lips Lip Therapy – in short a lip balm
  • 5-      River Island Wallet
  • 6-      My moisturiser – Johnsons Baby Moisturising Cream
  • 7-      Next Sunglasses
  • 8-      A notebook
  • 9-      Headphones
  • 10-    Another notebook with pens
  • 11-   Make up bag
  • 12-   Cellphones
  • 13-   Eco-tools brush bags with brushes
  • 14- A comb and some chewing gums.

In the inner pocket of my bag this is what's inside...

So girls, this is what I carry around with me in my bag/purse. Hope to see what you girls carry around with you as well.

Till then, have fun and stay gorgeous.


  1. lolz... :D Even I have same ducky in my bag... It belongs to my son ;)

    1. awww ... i was relieved i didnt find any pampers ... lol

  2. The notebooks are so cute!

  3. The rubber ducky is just so cute haha! You made that liptint yourself wow! Also love your makeup bag. So colorful.

  4. i never forget to take some tissue papers in my bag.
    your blog is awesome...
    best wishes.